To join Derrybeg Farm CSA, please email the membership coordinator at and we will send you on a joining pack.


Our farmer works twelve months of the year, however food is harvested and distributed to members for the most productive months of the year – a nine month period from approximately June to February each year.

Although it would help our farm for people to pay the total up front, we understand this is not financially feasible for many people – in order to be flexible we also accept membership fees in monthly instalments.  Details for the monthly and annual fees are listed below.

€50 one time joining fee
€540 for a nine month season June 2024-Feb 2025 inclusive
(The above €540 can be spread over 12 months by paying €45 per month)

Sometimes there is excess food, sometimes less than expected, depending on the weather, conditions and harvest. When you pay for a year’s membership, you take the risk that in that year the farm may produce less food than in other years. On the other hand, the farm may in that year, produce more than expected. By investing in membership and paying in advance, you are helping to even out the financial risks for the farmers and sharing the risk with the farmers and all the other members.

The number of people a single share will feed depends on many factors.
-How plentiful a crop is, if there is an abundance there will be more to go around.
-Dietary preferences. A household of vegans vs a single person who eats meat and fish and only requires a little veg.

If you are a single vegetarian or vegan then the odds are you will have no difficulty using up the weekly share. A family of vegetarian or vegans might be better off buying two or more shares.

If you have questions, you can email the membership coordinator at

Help Derrybeg Farm CSA by donating

It is also possible to donate to the farm so that it can meet its many costs and to help it develop year after year.

Each donor is making a social investment. Many people who donate financially to CSAs (community supported agriculture) are visionaries interested in innovative ways to support and participate in their local economy and society in the future. It is also possible to donate time through volunteering and helping out on the farm.

Feel free to contact us for more information on ways you can help our farm.