How We Work

Derrybeg Farm operates under the model of community-supported agriculture (CSA). In CSA there is a direct relationship between the farmers and those who consume the food produced (CSA Ireland) (International CSA Network). The farmers work the land and the consumers become members of the farm, committing to pay in advance a certain amount of money, for an agreed period of time. The members’ money provides a modest income for the farmer and covers the day-to-day running costs of the farm. In return, the members receive a box of seasonal vegetables each week during our nine month season.

The aim of Derrybeg Farm is to integrate community and agriculture in a mixed, biodiverse, sustainable and environmentally responsible farm, managed for the benefit of everyone involved. The farm can thrive by having direct commitment from local supporters. We hope to develop a rich diversity of crops that will change and develop with the opportunities and interests of the support community and those who work the land.

The support community is made up of people living within approximately ten kilometres of the farm; people who commit to the farm aims. The community organises activities to provide enjoyment and understanding of food and farming for its members, and to develop their connection to the life of the earth and their sense of responsibility to and involvement in the farm enterprise.

Steering Group

The steering group is made up of farm members who act on a voluntary basis. Aisling is our current farmer. Other roles include volunteer manager, social media contributor, treasurer and membership co-ordinator. Steering committee members have changed over time as people move on and new people get involved.

How we started

We started in September 2012 with the vision of creating a community supported agriculture scheme for the local community from the ground up using the resources of the members. We thought this would be a positive move toward creating a sustainable food system in Ireland as organic systems such as CSA find it difficult to start up in Ireland, often because of land access issues. We figured if we can find a way to do it, maybe others will too.

Pilot project at Aranbeag Farm

To begin getting our heads around the CSA system we started a pilot project at founding farmer Nathan’s home, Aranbeag farm, for three members. From this we learned much about the logistics of growing, harvesting and distributing food.

Our ethos and values

We strive to:

  • Support mixed, biodiverse, organic and sustainable agriculture that respects the earth and the people involved.
  • Pioneer an economic model based on mutual benefit and shared risk and ensure that the farmers have a decent livelihood.
  • Encourage practical involvement of the farm community members on all levels.
  • Be transparent in all our affairs.
  • Make decisions through deliberation and to reach genuine consensus wherever possible.
  • Work towards social justice.
  • Be participatory, collaborative and egalitarian and respect everybody who takes part
  • Listen to all shades of opinion and all questions and doubts among our members.
  • Discuss differences and work to accommodate them and benefit from them.
  • Offer opportunities for learning about food and farming and for connection with the life of the earth.
  • Network with others to promote community-supported agriculture in other communities and farms and to share our learning (social, economic and farming).
  • Encourage members, in co-operation with the farmers, to use the farm for their individual and social activities and celebrations.
  • Develop a sense of community around the farm.
  • Achieve a financial situation where low income shall not exclude anyone.
  • Work co-operatively with other enterprises that share our principles

The Constitution is available to download here.